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Introduction Penner & Associates in recognition that you are considering doing business in Mexico or elsewhere in Latin America, we wish to guide you in your thoughts and considerations. You can focus your thoughts on "how" to best do business thereby considering the manner in which you want to proceed: (1) Direct Sales, (2) Sales Agent, (3) Distributor, (4) Franchise (licensing technology), or (5) Startup your own company.

In light of the preceding Penner & Associates provides you with the following advisory assistance services in Mexico and Latin America:

*Representation and Negotiation for businesses and individuals (national and trans-border) before individuals, businesses and government offices.

*Business and Cultural advise and guidance.

*Negotiation of Contracts.

*Distributorships (arrangements, location and interview of potential distributors) (de prepare agreements as part of our legal services)

*Employees (selection and negotiation).

*Permits and Registries.

*Deal Coordination.

*Foreign Services Providers (assistance in locating, dealing and collaborating with them).

*Assistance in banking needs, estate planning, language assistance, and cultural awareness assistance.

* Guidance in direct sales.

*Other Services by Penner & Associates upon request.


Business/Economic Forecast for Mexico
(Bank One Economic Forecast for Mexico)


Business Sites

Mexico: ,

USA Les Jordan & Cia do Spanish language commercials. You can contact him at

Climate Forecast for Latin America
(Select Forecasts "World", Chose Central America")
(Select Forecasts "World", chose "South America")
(& then go to International)
(& then go to Weather, & then International)
(go to weather, International)

See "Hurricanes & Tropical Prediction Center"
(on the Webcomputer Page of this website)

See the "Weather" on the Webcomputer Page of this website.


Financing, Security or Promotional Sources

1. Each state in the U.S. will most likely have its own program for financing
exports form that state. The program may be in the form a guarantee for
commercials loans and may require a certain percentage of the product
originate form that state. It may only provide guarantees for up to a certain
percentage of the total loan and require that the loan amount not be less
than a pre-determined amount or greater than a higher pre-determined

2. EXIMBANK (Export-Import Bank). It can a) offer direct or Intermediary
loans to the foreign buyers of U.S. products exported, b) guarantee com-
mercial loans made to credit worthy foreign buyers of U.S. products, and/or
c) provide working capital guarantees to U.S exporters.

3. The U.S. Department of Agriculture has a program to promote the
export of of certain agricultural products.

4. The U.S. Small Business Administration can provide resources to exporters
in the form of direct loans, export revolving line of credit, joint venturing
with the Eximbank to provide assistance and other resources.

5. Mexico (and other Latin American Countries) can provide export assistance
in the form of loan guarantees, working capital, direct loans and promotional
services. In Mexico the National Export Commerce Bank (Bancomext or Banco
Nacional de Comercio Exterior) does a good part of this job.


Government Officers in Latin America

CHIEFS OF STATES (and Cabinet Level government officials) IN THE WORLD;
chose "Chiefs of State & Cabinet Members", then the letters corresponding to
the states sought.


International Trade Organizations
(International Trade Center)
(Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade)

Association of American Chambers of Commerce in La
promotes trade, investment, and business between the United States and Latin America.

Brazilian-American Chamber of Commerce
serves the Atlanta and Brazilian commmunities by fostering better relations through international trade.

BSR's Global Business Responsibility Resource Cent
Provides free access to research and information about more than 100 topics in corporate social responsibility. Includes more than 25 references, case studies and links to socially responsible business practices and organizations in Latin America.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute
information on Hispanic congressional members, Latino legislative and voting demographic information.

Export-Import Bank of the United States
The official export credit agency of the U.S. government; offers detailed how-to information on exporting and finance.

Hispanic-Research Company
site includes articles, links, and demographic information on the Hispanic/Latino market.

Latin Export
- Directory of 20,000 Latin American companies in Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay (Mercosur) - exporters, suppliers, trading, business opportunities, freight agents, banks, chambers of commerc``--

Mercosur site from Red Academica Uruguaya
History, general information, business data and more relating to Mercosur. In Spanish.

Orientation Latin America
News, general topics from the arts to travel.

Source Distribution Logistics Assoc.
An Association of Third party warehouse companies and distribution logistics service providers. A single contact source for locating qualified distribution and supply chain services world-wide.

Trade Facilitation Office Canada
Provides training and assistance for developing countries for selling into the Canadian market at no cost; provides specialized training and related services in international marketing and trade policy for exporters, associations and government offic

University of Costa Rica - Central American Popula
server includes on line demographic data on Central America and an on line bibliographic search.

World Trade Center


Latin American Banking
(InterAmerican Development Bank)
(Latin American Banking Site)


Latin American Stock Exchanges Chile Ecuador Mexico Peru (Spanish) Venezuela (English) Venezuela

Taking Stock! LLC (private stock information source, unknown to writer) .


Links/Nets for Latin America Bolivia Brazil Brazil Costa Rica (Information Center) Venezuela Links Latin American Alliance Links

ALSO see each latin country by country name on the Table of Contents of this website



See "Maps" at "Web Computer" on this website.

See "Maps" at "Web Mexico" on this Website


Other Additional Topics

See Laws and Severs for Latin Countries elsewhere on this website for additional topics on Latin Countries.


Telephone Directories for Mexico
(Mexico Yellow Pages)
(Mexico Yellow Pages) For "other cities", choose the section titled
General Interest Information (Información de Interés General)


Time & Zones in Latin America
(Central American Time Zones)
(South American Time Zones)
(input your local time and it gives you the time in many
parts of Latin American and the World)

For "Time & Zones of Mexico" see elsewhere on this website.

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